About Us

A relaxed & homely environment

People with individual needs living the life they choose. By putting quality first in everything we do for each person we support and all our staff we hope to be the service provider and employer of choice in the communities we serve.

Our vision is to be the leading provider in care and the employer of choice by exceeding the expectations of our residents and their families, creating an exceptional work environment for our staff and redefining excellence in service to both internal and external providers, while inspiring pride and devotion.

Family and friends are always welcome, and visits
by prospective clients are encouraged.

What we do

  • We learn when things go wrong.
  • We encourage staff to have a work-life balance.
  • We celebrate success and try and make life enjoyable for all.
  • We strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do.
  • We support people to achieve their aspirations.
  • We actively listen and respond to the people we support.
  • We put people and individual needs first.
  • Treat people with dignity and respect.
  • Encourage skill and expertise throughout the organisation.
  • Welcome and support innovation and idea.
  • Promote leadership and learning.

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