Wide Range of
Leisure Activities

We co-ordinate a wide range of activities individual to each person, taking into account their life story, past hobbies, family and community relationships and recreational interests.

At Grenham Bay we offer a diverse range of social and recreational activities on a day to day basis. We have a large activities team who organise a wide range of group activities, as well as, one to one personalised sessions. Alongside this, we have many external entertainers and therapists visiting the home to make the day full, fun and enjoyable.

Our focus and ethos is catered around occupational activity, ensuring that people are feeling engaged and interested, using the skills they have acquired through a life time of experience. These methods and activities help to promote a person’s identity and self-esteem.

Enjoying life
to the full

  • Theme Days
  • Residents Meetings
  • Cinema Trips
  • Concerts
  • Bingo
  • Card Games
  • Entertainers
  • Family Welcome

Interactive Me

To expand our emphasis on person-centred dementia care, Grenham Bay has joined forces with Interative Me, an innovative provider of online memory tools that can be used enhance dementia care. Interactive Me uses personalised media as a therapeutic tool, encouraging our people to engage in more meaningful interactions and activities.